I admittedly started coaching with Jordy because my mom wanted me to. At the time, I was failing two classes and getting behind in several others. I was feeling overwhelmed by college and couldn’t accomplish the things I really wanted to. Right away, Jordy and I identified and established realistic goals and started breaking down the steps needed to work towards them. Jordy pushed me outside my comfort zone, but without making me feel pressured. Because of that, I started pushing myself more. Little by little, I began feeling a sense of accomplishment, and Jordy and I started meeting more frequently to the point where I now WANT to meet with her, even during breaks. She helped me to stabilize my grades through a difficult semester and has given me the confidence to purse internships in my chosen field of study. Jordy is kind, caring, and incredibly easy to work with. I recommend her to anyone who needs an extra push to stay motivated and focused on their goals.

C.B.C., Student

Our daughter is a motivated student with a drive to succeed. She was diagnosed with ADD in elementary school. We knew that she was extremely bright, analytical, driven to succeed, very social and loves to learn. Even though she had an IEP at Canyon Crest Academy (high school) and was determined to strive in AP classes, she would, at times, feel frustrated and depressed. Jordy Travis came into our lives at a time when our daughter needed an ADD coach. Besides Jordy’s amazing coaching skills and how she helps manage ADD, she was also a coach for us as parents. She taught us skills and how to support, teach and motivate our daughter with love and patience. She is warm, kind and a loving individual who takes extra time and goes the extra mile to ensure your child succeeds. Jordy has made a huge impact on our lives and our daughter's future. Because of Jordy’s efforts, she is a freshman at Colorado State University, majoring in Physics and Math with straights A’s. Jordy has made herself available 24/7 when in need. She’s not only an ADD coach, she is a mentor, friend, teacher and a motivator.

J. B., Parent

Coach Jordy has helped me in many ways with kind enthusiasm and encouragement. I wanted to grow my business and having ADHD has made it too overwhelming, in the past, to figure it out on my own. We were able to make a plan, break it down and execute the steps toward my success. I learned how to organize and prioritize my work schedule. Using a day planner, among other tools, has made it easier for me to balance my work and play. On a different level, she helped me work through some of the paralyzing fear I experience around selling my products to stores. She helped me identify the fear and work with it in a manageable, real way. She has a way of shining a light on things that are hard for me to see myself which enables me to gain new perspective. I am able to step up to my fears with courage and confidence. Jordy is wonderful and kind and she is really good at helping people discover and nourish their true, authentic self.

S.G.W., Client